Property Assessed Clean Energy Funding (PACE) 

Financing made available to private property owners through PACE:

The Missouri Clean Energy District PACE Program has been designed to provide property owners with low cost financing for energy renovations through the property tax bill. The goal of the program is to address the uncertainty of funding availability and rulemaking associated with other programs. PACE holds great promise for Missouri communities by providing consistently available and unlimited funding with clear program guidelines.


MoCEF's Role

Property Owners

Local Governments

Missouri Clean Energy Funding, LLC - MoCEF - partners with local governments to provide property owners access to PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy Funding.


MoCEF assists communities with program design, administration, marketing and financing management.


  • MoCEF was selected as Missouri's first PACE administrator.


With extensive experience in municipal advisory services and known for its financial management expertise, MoCEF is unique in that it has designed a program which may be offered through Missouri municipalities at no cost.

Finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through your property taxes. Fixed, reasonable rates and longer terms of up to 20 years help save on utility bills.

The PACE Act authorizes private property owners to enter into a voluntary special property tax assessment contract for the purpose of financing energy improvements on their property.


Provide PACE Financing to your constituents to save money and energy.

MoCEF's comprehensive PACE solution creates jobs, improves property values and helps "green" your community.

  • Improve Property Values
  • Enhance Energy Independence
  • Create New Jobs
  • No Cost or Liability to the Municipality
  • Provide Capital in the Community

Municipalities can realize multiple benefits by offering a PACE program to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on residential and commercial properties - without liability or budget impact.

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"Access to financing has been a key barrier to energy and renewable energy.  Many more Americans could better afford to pay for energy efficiency and other clean energy retrofits to their homes or businesses if they had access to financing that was simple to acquire and that reduces upfront costs.  This financing is now available to private property owners through PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy programs."    (Watch Vice President Biden announce PACE authority)


-- Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States